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New immigration pilots and policy changes come into effect for Quebec

Today marks the implementation of a new by-law that modifies Quebec's immigration regulations, introducing various measures and policy changes affecting multiple immigration streams in Quebec. Explore the details below to understand the updates and their potential impact on you.

Discover Your Eligibility for Canadian Immigration

New economic pilot streams are now open in Quebec. The province has recently announced the reopening of three long-term economic immigration pilot programs to address crucial labor shortages. These programs will accept applications from November 23rd, 2023, to December 31st, 2024, with specific application caps:

  1. Permanent Immigration Pilot Program for Workers in Food Processing (600 application cap)

  2. Permanent Immigration Pilot Program for Orderlies (600 application cap)

  3. Permanent Immigration Pilot Program for Workers in the Artificial Intelligence, Information Technologies, and Visual Effects Sectors (700 application cap)

While these programs periodically open and close for applications, all three are expected to conclude indefinitely on January 1st, 2026.

Economic Programs Undergoing Changes

Significant changes are underway for Quebec's economic immigration programs. Proficiency in French is now a prerequisite for eligibility in all economic immigration programs. Specifically, the Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) and the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) require a language proficiency level of at least 7 in spoken French, according to the Quebec scale of French Proficiency levels. This proficiency requirement of level 7 also applies as a blanket condition for skilled workers immigrating to Quebec through other economic and pilot programs.

Starting November 23rd, 2024, the graduate component of the PEQ will mandate that applicants have completed a program in French or at least three years of secondary or post-secondary study in French. Spouses sponsored under these economic programs must possess a spoken French proficiency equivalent to a level 4 proficiency on the Quebec scale of language proficiency.

Introduction of Qualified Skilled Worker Selection Program (QWSP)

Effective November 29th, 2024, the Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) will be replaced by the Qualified Skilled Worker Selection Program (QWSP).

Family Sponsorship Changes

As of November 23rd, if a person aged 18-55 is being sponsored for immigration to Quebec under a family sponsorship program, the sponsor must complete and sign a welcome and integration plan. This plan ensures support for the sponsored person in preparing for arrival, accessing public services, and learning French.

Other Notable Changes

Apart from the mentioned changes, modifications to the business streams of immigration in Quebec will take effect on January 1st, 2024. These changes make French proficiency mandatory for all business streams, including the Investor Program, Self-Employed Program, and the Entrepreneur program. Additional alterations involve increased residence requirements, a mandatory work permit, and more.

Immigration to Quebec

Quebec holds significant control over its immigration, thanks to the Quebec-Canada Accord, allowing the province to shape policies, programs, and accept immigrants with less federal oversight. The province aims to welcome a minimum of 49,500 immigrants this year, with plans for another 50,000 newcomers in both 2024 and 2025. Quebec's immigration plan prioritizes economic immigration measures, with approximately 32,000 new foreign skilled workers expected annually from 2023 to 2025. The province also emphasizes the importance of Francophone immigration throughout Canada, a category experiencing growing popularity.

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