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Explore our Various options to migrate to Canada

Why choose Canada?

Canada is renowned for its rich multicultural diversity and ranks as the second largest country globally, spanning an impressive 9.98 million square kilometers. It has gained recognition as a prime destination, attracting immigrants due to its abundant employment opportunities. When you embark on your journey with Cosmos, we'll be there to assist you in settling in any of its ten well-developed provinces and three territories. These regions include Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan. Situated in the northern part of North America, Canada is bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, with extensions reaching into the Arctic. Consequently, the country experiences harsh, cold winters with temperatures ranging from -15°C to as low as -40°C, while summers can bring pleasant temperatures of 25-30°C.


Canada's multicultural diversity and harmonious atmosphere make it an excellent place to live. It has streamlined its immigration process, evolving into an advanced economy that ranks as the world's tenth largest. Canada boasts a well-equipped education system, diverse employment opportunities, and excellent conditions for business investments. Its provisional Visa benefits and exceptional quality of life further enhance its appeal. The Canadian government has introduced a point-based system for the Visa process, ensuring fairness and impartiality. This merit-based criteria consider an individual's qualifications, skills, adaptability, and language proficiency, creating a well-rounded evaluation that moves beyond the previous 'economic' class-based immigration system. The Canadian federal government supports immigrants by funding certain aspects of programs, bridging the gap in job placement and helping newcomers establish themselves both economically and socially.

Quality of life: Canada consistently ranks highly on international indices of quality of life, including measures of safety, healthcare, education, and overall happiness.

Economic opportunities: Canada has a strong and diverse economy, with many job opportunities in a variety of sectors, including technology, healthcare, finance, and natural resources.

Multicultural society: Canada is known for its diverse and welcoming population, which makes it an attractive destination for people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

Natural beauty: From its coastlines to its mountains, Canada is home to a wide range of stunning natural landscapes that are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

Proximity to the United States: For those who want to be close to the United States but prefer a different country, Canada is an ideal choice, with many major cities located within a few hours’ drive of the border.

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If you are a skilled professional with relevant work experience looking to advance your career overseas, Fairmont Immigration Consultant in Dubai, your go-to Canada immigration agency in Dubai, is here to facilitate your skilled immigration journey to Canada. Our team of certified and committed ICCRC-registered Canada immigration consultants in Dubai employs a straightforward and efficient approach, making your transition from Dubai to your dream Canadian destination a hassle-free experience.

As renowned Canada immigration and visa consultants in Dubai, we've established a dedicated office in Dubai to aid individuals in simplifying their migration process to Canada. Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with us for a stress-free, seamless, and expedited Canadian immigration process. Our team of experts at Fairmont Immigration Consultants in Dubai is at your service and just a call away!

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Canada stands out as one of the world's most diverse and stunning countries. With one of the highest per-capita immigration rates globally, driven primarily by economic policies and prosperity, Canada extends a warm welcome to all, embracing a unique Canadian culture that celebrates diversity. This beautiful nation offers exceptional opportunities, including top-tier universities, thriving businesses, and employment prospects.

Canada presents a wide spectrum of immigration and visa programs, catering to employed individuals, self-employed professionals, and businesspeople. Even for those who don't meet the criteria for immigration programs, Canada provides non-immigrant alternatives such as work permits and student programs, many of which can ultimately lead to permanent resident visas.

Canada boasts highly subsidized education and world-class healthcare facilities. As the 10th wealthiest country globally, being a Canadian permanent resident also opens doors to work in the USA through a TN visa, offering the best of both worlds.

The Canadian government supports permanent residents with benefits like free education for children, complimentary medical services, allowances for children, senior citizen pensions, support for mothers, and assistance for the unemployed. Additionally, provisions like Parental and Super visas make it easier to sponsor parents.

Fairmont is your trusted partner for visa-related guidance. Contact us today to address all your visa inquiries. Explore the various visa programs that Fairmont Consultants have to offer and embark on your journey to a brighter future.

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