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Canada Express Entry Program

The Canada Express Entry Program has helped the government to be more specific & target individuals with exactly needed skills. The Canadian government runs the Express Entry program and issues an Invitation to Apply for skilled individuals who aspire to migrate to Canada.

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Why Canada Express Entry Programs?

Numerous individuals have been facilitated in entering the country using the Canada express entry program by Fairmont Immigration Consultancy  in Dubai. While there are many reasons to immigrate to Canada, the majority of us remember why express entry is the greatest choice and why people are so focused on it.


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What is Express Entry

The Express Entry system for Canada is an extremely popular immigration process. Potential skilled immigrants can settle and find employment in Canada according to the Express Entry system, which was established by the Canadian government in January 2015. Through the Express Entry system, Canada handles thousands of immigration applications each year. It now serves as Canada's primary source of economic immigration. An increased number of permanent residents will be admitted to Canada through Express Entry in accordance with the revised Immigration Levels Plan of Canada for 2019–2021.

Through the Express Entry system, Canada chooses qualified applicants who may contribute to the expansion of its economy by evaluating the applications based on a variety of human capital considerations, including work experience, education, language ability, etc. 

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Benefits of the Express Entry system


Faster processing of applications:

 Through the Express Entry system, one can obtain a Canada PR visa within just six months or less. The time period starts from the date of submitting the application. Before the introduction of the Express Entry system, when the application system was paper-based, there were a lot of obstacles that often delayed the processing. Documents used to get lost or misplaced in transition. The wait times for physical mail to arrive also used to delay the application processing.

Electronic system:

Under the Express Entry system, the whole processing of applications is done through an electronic system. It means no possibility for discrimination. Candidates are selected purely on the basis of their CRS scores.

Reduced CRS score requirements:

In the coming few years, Canada is planning to welcome more immigrants to the country. As a result, the IRCC may reduce the minimum CRS score required to be selected in the Express Entry draws. The required score is expected to go down further in the coming years as Canada planning to bring thousands more skilled immigrants to the country.

The federal system of immigration:

As Canada Express Entry is a federal system of immigration, those who receive an invitation to apply can directly apply for Canada permanent residence under the program. And once you get Canada Express Entry visa, you can settle anywhere in Canada. Moreover, it is not necessary for you to be proficient in French in order to apply for permanent residence through Express Entry.

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