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What is a Canada Work Permit Visa?

 The Canada Work Permit visa enables foreign skilled workers, specifically individuals in roles such as restaurant managers, chefs, cooks, and truck drivers, along with trained youth and professionals, to work for a specific Canadian employer for a designated period within Canada.

Applying for this visa requires the submission of a copy of a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The chosen occupation or trade should align with positions listed in the National Occupation Classification (NOC) system, which categorizes jobs at both national and provincial levels. Thus, the Canada Work Permit visa allows foreign skilled workers, trained youth, and professionals to work on a temporary basis under a legitimate Canadian employer.

Canadian Immigration Work Permit Canada work permit Foreign skilled workers and professionals are permitted to work with a Canadian employer for up to two years under the Canada work permit visa. It's important to note that the duration of this work visa can be extended provided certain terms and conditions are met by both the Canadian employer and the foreign skilled worker or professional (employee).

Notably, the Canadian government continued to accept and process Canada work permit visa applications during the COVID-19 pandemic to sustain its economy and industries. The significance of this visa is underscored by the fact that approximately 200,000 foreign skilled workers and immigrants are granted Canadian work permit visas annually, allowing them to work and reside in Canada.

To secure job opportunities under the Canada work permit, prospective candidates should familiarize themselves with the eligibility criteria and the Canadian immigration process to save time, money, and avoid falling into the trap of unscrupulous consultants. Therefore, candidates are advised to seek guidance from a reputable Canada work permit consultancy in Dubai, such as Fairmont  Immigration Services, to obtain a Canada work permit visa supported by an LMIA.

The Canada immigration work permit expert specializes in facilitating employer-sponsored and employer-driven immigration programs, ensuring a successful migration to Canada for candidates. This trustworthy Canada work permit consultancy in Dubai has been providing guidance to interested candidates seeking work permit

Canada immigration evaluation What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Canada Work Permit Visa

Step 1: A legitimate Canadian employer applies for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).


Step 2: After receiving the LMIA, the employer issues a Temporary Job Offer to eligible candidates with relevant prior work experience in occupations, jobs, and trades listed in the NOC. Candidates must have completed at least 12th grade, meet the required language proficiency threshold, express a willingness to work in Canada, and demonstrate sufficient funds.


Step 3: Once a valid job offer supported by an LMIA is received, foreign skilled workers and professionals submit their work permit visa applications.


Step 4: The candidate receives the Canada work permit visa.


It's crucial to note that documents related to the candidate's age, qualifications, previous work experience, a copy of a positive LMIA, and a valid job offer from a Canadian employer are instrumental in expediting the Canada work permit visa process without complications. Therefore, interested candidates should contact the premier Canada work permit consultant in Dubai, Fairmont  Immigration Services, to secure a Canada work permit visa in 2023 in a hassle-free manner.

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