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Four provinces issue invitations in latest provincial immigration results

Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) continues to play a crucial role in welcoming skilled immigrants to various provinces. In the most recent PNP draw results, four provinces have issued invitations to eligible candidates. Let’s delve into the details:

1. British Columbia (B.C.)

  • On December 19, British Columbia invited 230 Skilled Worker and International Graduate candidates through the BC PNP. The draws targeted specific in-demand occupations, including tech, construction, healthcare, and early childcare education. The minimum scores for these draws ranged from 60 to 107.

2. Manitoba

  • Manitoba held three separate draws in December:

  • December 21: The province invited 1,113 Skilled Workers Overseas with a minimum score of 601.

  • December 28: Invitations were extended to:

  • 160 Skilled Workers in Manitoba with close relatives in the province (minimum score: 612).

  • 67 International Education candidates.

  • 27 Skilled Workers Overseas (minimum score: 698) as part of a strategic recruitment initiative.

  • December 29: Manitoba issued 89 invitations to candidates who met the criteria under the Special Measures for Ukraine. These candidates also qualified as Skilled Workers Overseas and had close relatives in Manitoba.

3. Saskatchewan

  • On December 27, Saskatchewan invited 63 candidates through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).

4. Prince Edward Island (PEI)

  • Although not mentioned in the recent news, PEI has also been actively participating in the PNP, nominating candidates who contribute to the local workforce and economy.

Why Does PNP Matter?

  • Provinces nominate candidates through the PNP based on their assessment of the candidate’s ability to integrate into the local workforce and contribute to the provincial economy.

  • A PNP nomination significantly strengthens a candidate’s application when they apply for permanent residence through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Shared Responsibility

  • Immigration is a shared responsibility between IRCC and provincial governments. Each year, IRCC sets targets for the overall number of candidates who can become permanent residents through the PNP.

  • The allocation of PNP nominations to each province depends on factors such as existing population, labor market needs, and economic priorities.

In summary, the recent provincial immigration results highlight the collaborative efforts of these provinces in attracting skilled individuals who will shape Canada’s future. If you’re considering Canadian immigration, keep an eye on the PNP draws – your pathway to a new life in the Great White North!

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