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New Regulations Streamline Pathway for International Credential Recognition in B.C.


Internationally educated professionals seeking to work in British Columbia (B.C.) will soon benefit from a more streamlined, efficient, and transparent process for getting their credentials recognized. The International Credentials Recognition Act, which received Royal Assent on November 8, 2023, is set to come into effect on July 1, 2024. Let’s explore the key features of this legislation and how it will impact skilled professionals from around the world.

Key Changes and Benefits

Reducing Red Tape:

  • The act requires regulatory bodies to reduce barriers and administrative hurdles for internationally trained professionals.

  • Professionals will find it easier to pursue and achieve credential recognition, regardless of where they were trained.

Eliminating the Catch-22:

  • Previously, experienced internationally trained professionals faced a catch-22 situation. They needed Canadian work experience to work in Canada, but couldn’t gain that experience due to the lack of Canadian work history.

  • The new regulations eliminate this barrier, allowing qualified professionals to start working in their fields faster.

Professions Covered:

  • The act applies to 29 professions, including engineers, social workers, veterinarians, paramedics, early childhood educators, teachers, biologists, land surveyors, architects, and more.

Fairness and Transparency:

  • Regulators under the act will charge similar fees for international and domestic applicants.

  • Redundant English-language testing requirements will be eliminated.

Data Collection and Reporting:

  • The act introduces new data collection and reporting requirements to ensure transparency and accountability.

  • The public will have access to information about the recognition process.

Superintendent of International Credential Recognition:

  • The Province will appoint a superintendent responsible for overseeing fair recognition of international credentials.

  • The superintendent will address systemic or procedural issues and have the authority to issue compliance orders and impose penalties.


The International Credentials Recognition Act represents a significant step forward for B.C., making it easier for skilled professionals to contribute to our communities. By removing unnecessary barriers, streamlining processes, and ensuring fairness, B.C. aims to attract and retain talent from around the world.

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